Life of an artist, educator & person

I am an artist, educator, and person.  I appreciate the design, color, and function of objects and creatures all around me.  I was born in Taiwan and moved to the United States when I was two years old - the duality of cultures have shaped my approach to understanding art and life.


As an educator and parent, I lead by example.  I live life through EXPLORATION and CURIOSITY.  I use a variety of media to experiment and combine the unique traits of each in order to create complex imagery and deep space.


I received my BA in art studio and art education from the University of Maryland.  Later I moved to New York to study at New York Studio School.  After completing my MFA with a concentration in painting and drawing, I returned to the Washington, D.C. region to share my passion and continue my studio practice. Utilizing museum, gallery, community space, camp, workshop, and classroom settings - I have had many opportunities to facilitate LEARNING and LOOKING.




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